“Your process focused our intentions and hopes and provided an excellent path for achieving them. Mark Scorer is very approachable, quick to understand your hopes and very effective in implementing an agreed financial path.”

Prof. D. Mayne – Senior Researcher


“Co-ordinated financial planning. Allow the professionals to spread the load for you.”

F. Merrifield – Retired Dentist – Kent


I did not see how you could bring value to our financial matters, however having everything in one place and following process towards your goals regularly is of great help. The financial road map has helped us recognise when and what is right thing to do with financing and future planning. Everyone would benefit from comprehensive financial planning no matter how savvy they are with money and investments.”

H. Piric, Property Developer


“The financial roadmap allowed me to see what I valued and what was less important to me […] A helpful service which gives you the chance to align your money with your values.”

J. Todhunter – Retired


“Mark is friendly, unintimidating and a very good listener. He turned his mind to all our various money concerns plus those of our children. We’ve felt confident and relaxed under his ‘safe pair of hands’. He’s maximised our funds in a way we couldn’t have achieved on our own.”



“Mark guided me through a financial maze with excellent result. He is a true professional.”

Pat Uren, Retired widow


“Good, sound advice, patiently and clearly explained.”

G. Chapman, Farmer


“The Financial Road Map kept us focused on what we wanted to achieve during our lifetime.”

Retired Couple – Anonymous


“Your process revealed that wealth was not to be hoarded but used to improve one’s way of life and satisfy one’s needs and aspirations.”



“I would recommend Mr Mark Scorer for his integrity, empathy, honesty and apt judgement; for his knowledge and understanding of the various money methods in the world. He has a good manner which arouses one’s confidence in him. I am personally indebted to him for taking the burden of financial investment off my shoulders and I warmly recommend him to you.”



“We would recommend friends and loved ones to go with an open mind, to explore your future options for investment and to trust the advice you are given.”

Anonymous couple


“It was useful to consider our finances in relation to the larger canvas of a human life; don’t be afraid of the broader brushstrokes!

You will get a good and sympathetic listener and practical advice.”

J.Orr, Retired


“You speak a language I can understand.”

Anonymous, Retired


“Clarified my goals in life and made them achievable […] a positive and empowering experience.”



“Mark is easy to talk to and good at finding solutions to knotty problems.”



“It made me think about what I really value. It was a ‘reality check’.”



“I have felt that I had a trustworthy and knowledgeable friend in financial matters and that was what I wanted.”



“The financial road map minimised my inheritance tax potential liabilities”



“Over the last 15 years Mark has been a great friend and looked after the interests of all our family. Meetings with him have always been a pleasure. Generous with time, explanation and diagrams for the arithmetically challenged.”

L. Sanders, Retired


Meet Mark

Watchman’s founder, Mark Scorer has over 28 years of experience as a Financial Advisor.  Working with St. James’s Place for 25 years, he has spent the last decade honing Values Based Financial Planning. Feeling rewarded by outstanding levels of client fulfilment, he recognised an opportunity for these values to be placed at the heart of a family’s financial services, unrestricted by traditional structures.