Mark Scorer – Director at Watchman Wealth Management

Watchman recognised an opportunity to do things differently…

Our outstanding team of experts offer a comprehensive, co-ordinated approach to managing your entire financial household.

We asked families of substance what frustrated them about traditional financial services and provided a solution that surpassed their expectations.

We believe the greatest profit should always be made by our clients. Traditional financial service providers are locked-in to organisational systems, packages and commission based fees. In contrast, our peer reviewed experts are employed by you to protect your wealth. We understand that it is impossible to be impartial and put the client first whilst taking fees for funds under management. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ menu that could satisfy our clients’ individual needs. Our unique services are catered to match the exceptional families we serve.

Watchman functions like a Swiss Watch, with field-leading experts co-ordinated to offer you the best advice available. We will build a plan of action for each area of your financial house, and work proactively to protect and realise your lasting life goals.

How we work

No Commission

Watchman’s experts are never compromised by commission. Our clients pay us a single annual fee. Our unique peer-reviewed process ensures that all advice given is considered and impartial. This watertight structure ensures we are never compromised by an individual specialist’s interests or network.


Watchman offers an entirely bespoke level of additional support and direction. We understand all aspects of your financial household and are uniquely placed to look at the big picture, and take care of the finer details. Our dedicated Administration Manager knows when to contact the IFA, your lawyers, insurance brokers et al. on your behalf.

We not only protect your finances – by coordinating your advisors, we protect your time.

Proactive service

Traditional financial processes are often reactive and product based. Our bespoke service is proactive and holistic, filling the gaps to protect your finances.

You will never have to chase us to find out how current affairs are impacting you. We’ll call you before you call us, putting your goals at the heart of everything we do.


We’ll present you with thorough insights and ironclad recommendations. We shine a light on all providers connected to your financial household. Our robust peer-reviewed process is structured to provide you with added security.

Long-term life fulfilment

A proactive action plan is written up at each of our four-monthly meetings with you. This plan is continuously implemented and upheld. We will co-ordinate with any service providers and professionals working on your behalf to ensure that the perfect order of your financial household is rigorously and continuously maintained.

  • Our tried and tested process is implemented through checkpoint driven systems.
  • A “fixed fee only” service, protecting clients from unnecessary expense, and saving their valuable time.
  • Both hazards and opportunities are exposed through our peer-reviewed process, giving you the best chance of life unfolding well.


About you…

We deliver a unique service to our unique clients. These are some of the qualities shared by the families we serve –

  • HIGH EXPECTATIONS: Our clients appreciate our commitment to paying attention to detail and offering proactive recommendations. We make no allowance for complacency, applying regular course corrections to help realise your goals.
  • VALUE PEACE OF MIND: Our clients enjoy the simplicity and freedom that comes from having all their financial assets under the watchful eye of co-ordinated experts.
  • SUCCESSFUL FAMILIES: Due to our high level of client interaction and engagement, our services make sense for families who have accumulated more than £5,000,000, not including the value of their home. In turn, we guarantee our unrivalled level of attention to detail by limiting our client portfolio to 30 families.
  • FIRMLY HELD VALUES: Our clients appreciate a trusted office watching over their financial strategy and assets, allowing them to focus upon the things which matter most to them in life.
  • PRUDENT DELEGATORS: Our community of clients expect leading financial experts to protect their time and safeguard their priorities.
  • INFORMED AND INTELLIGENT: Our clients want to hear the full truth regarding their financial situation. We know our clients rely upon complete transparency from their financial team.